sariah (~jenn) (sariah) wrote,
sariah (~jenn)

social media zombies...



I have never made a secret of the fact that I hate facebook.


I hate games requests from everyone and their brother, sister, cousin, dog, neighbor, and ex. I don't want to play games. I can waste time doing so many other things that are at least marginally productive. Or I can play games on my phone. (Yes, I know I can block games but every time I do, someone comes up with another.)


I hate that anyone else can post photos of me, or tag me in posts, and I can't really control it no matter how stringent I try to make their 'privacy' settings. I hate feeling like a grinch if I untag myself. Like somehow deciding that *I* want to be in control of how public my life is makes *me* the one who is socially inept, untagging myself has actually made someone tell me that *I* was  being inconsiderate of *their* wishes... really? Because that is *my* face, *you* get to choose? WTF!?!


I hate that they are always changing it and I have no choice, not really. Wanna try timeline? No. Are you sure? Yes. Because we think you'd like it. No thank you. We think you should try it anyway. No thanks. Oh, by the way, we've decided that you must use timeline even if you didn't want to, but that guy over there found a way to hack around it, so you can still not use it if you really don't want to... Thanks, I will try the hack because I don't want timeline. Oh, sorry - we voided his hack, you have to use it afterall. Gee, that sucks - fuck off, fb.


I also hate that stupid system of them deciding which posts I will see based on who I see most often. Just because personA posts several times a day and 12 other people comment does not mean it's more relevant to me than the quiet post from personB that nobody else commented on which so quickly falls to the bottom of the page I will never see it, since I don't check it every 10 minutes all day.


But what I hate most is missing important things because nobody thinks to tell me about it, since they told the world already. 'How did you not know? It was on facebook yesterday. Everyone knows.'


Sorry. I was not on fb yesterday, or the day before, or probably the week or maybe even month before... Even my darling hubby is guilty of assuming I know something because he saw it on fb, despite the number of times we've discussed the fact that I hate it and never see the important things.


I have missed a friends' baby shower, several 'we are pregnant' announcements, and even friends visiting from out of state. Things that make even me-the-introvert sad to miss.


There's no solution. I know I can't change everyone else, but dammit, I'm not sure I can change me, either.

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