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Love for Anton Strout and the Spellmason Chronicles

So I have been busy and I sadly got a late start reading the newest book in the newer antonstrout series (the Spellmason Chronicles) - Stonecast. It wasn't that I didn't want to read it - it was more that once I got started, I expected it to be almost impossible to put down.


Without giving too much away, Anton brings back all the best characters from the previous book (and a few of the less than faves!), and introduces us to new aspects of previous characters - and one new sorta-hottie. It's easy to imagine hanging out with Alexandra, Rory and Marshall. (Honestly, I could see Marshall as part of the court over at The Board Room... he would fit right in! Sure, he's a little "cliche", but it only makes him more loveable than some of the guys you know - because making him cliche takes away some of their more annoying traits. HA!)

Cliches aside, Anton's usual sense of humor shines through and reveals that he's just as a big a geek as the rest of us. (Honestly, humor is one of the reasons I love reading Anton's books! He has been making me laugh for years, since I first met him at GenCon, around 72 BCE.)

So if you haven't read it, give it a try. (If you're like me, you'll want to start with Book One, because I hate starting in the middle. That would be Alchemystic. Beware, though if buying digital - his books are tagged to be non-convertible. So I now proudly own TWO copies of this book, one for iPad and another for kindle!)

And while you're at it - check out his other series, too - the Simon Canderous novels. Same sense of humor, slightly different twist, more mentions of Lovecraft.
Tags: #antonstrout, #spellmason, #stonecast
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